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Hey my name is Mikey, and I am the creator of Geekipedia. I am a really funny person which is why this is a funny wiki. This is a parody of Wikipedia so please enjoy it. I want to get a lot of views so tell your friends once you here about this wiki. My name is not really Mikey, but that I will not tell you until I become famous off of this wiki. You can edit if you wanna just don't add crappy comments because I will be watching your butt, you idiots. I will be watching. I am not a nerd. I just act like one. Just keep that in mind when you see me one day in the streets. I am smart, maybe even smarter than you, but it's not like I have an IQ like Einstein. I will take my car and back it up over your head if you post crappy comments. Screw you idiots and haters. But I like to thank the haters as my auto-tuned hip-hop friend T-Pain once said. I seen you in that boat. Wish I had a yacht, but lifes crappy so, oh well. Enjoy the wiki!

the sac with a scrotum appeared in a mouth

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